• Treestesse

    Floating between English word "trees" and French word "tristesse", the work represents a reflection on the standards of beauty, uniqueness and mythology of the fashion industry versus nature. Inspired by the paparazzi theme of Helmut Newton’s photographs, I have traveled around the world taking pictures of different trees while using a direct flash on them as if they were celebrities being pursued by paparazzi. The inner stillness of a tree rooted in the park is suddenly disturbed by the revealing light of the flash. Was the tree about to move? Why is it hidden in the darkness? What was it doing while when we couldn’t see it? These wonderments were developed in a video "Treestesse" where the trees initiate a dialogue with a woman while exploring the essence of her image. Composed by Cédric Camier, an electronic musician, the soundtrack is mainly created from streets sounds recorded in Tokyo, original songs by the main actress and piano arrangements.

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