Fashion Night in Montreal for Burundi

An old house is not a typical place for a fashion show, and all the better. One March night in 2012, an unexpected event takes place at the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house, Stanley street, in Montreal. The event brings together young designers (Moral Fibers, IC Cherry, and Line & Sky), volunteers models, photographers, makeup artists, DJs, and guests, all inspired by the mysterious and festive vibe of the place. In the semi-lighted hallways and stairs, figures wearing flimsy dresses glide. A dog observes them, the smell of hair spray and nail polish floats in the air. Everybody is here to support the case of End Poverty Now: 100% of the benefits go to a women’s agricultural training program in Burundi, a project that promotes financial independence and sustainability. Photographically and emotionally, it is quite an unusual experience to see a fashion show, neither glamorous or artificially perfect